Jade Moon Daughters


Jade Moon Daughters offers a learning community designed to inspire, educate and support girls as they connect with innate spirituality, develop radiant self-esteem, prepare for a conscious rite-of-passage at menarche and contribute to the creation of a better world.

Jade Moon Daughters is dedicated to cultivate what we believe will help restore harmony to a world that is out of balance. We promote appreciation of and access to the universal principles and skills that arise out of the Sacred Feminine. Jade Moon Daughters is a community for girls and women dedicated to this cultural and planetary transformation through spiritual awakening and creative expression.

This is a course developed by my mentor Georgette Star who lives in Oregon.  This has been exceedingly popular on the west coast. If you have concern about how your daughter will navigate the terrain of adolescence, I believe this course is a direct line for keeping a girl connected to her intuition, as opposed to searching for validation outside of herself.  This is powerful!

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Meeting the First Saturday of each month October thru May

12:30-4:30pm @ Emerald River Wellness in Bristol, VT

tuition is $545 per student


October 7th 2017

November 4th 2017

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January 6th 2018

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