Holistic Pelvic Care

With Holistic Pelvic Care, I witness miracles. Incorporating Tami’s body of knowledge into my physical medicine practice has powerfully complemented my devotion to the Arvigo Techniques.

holistic pelvic care
a unique approach pioneered by Tami Kent to physically and energetically realign your pelvis.


A simpler way to describe Holistic Pelvic Care is myo-fascial release in the pelvic bowl with a culture of energy medicine.  What is incredibly unique about Tami’s contribution to the healing arts is the reverence is paid to the woman’s pelvis, the sacred place where life is born, the “pelvic bowl”.  It seems true that all experiences are recorded in the individual’s pelvic bowl.  Most people carry pain and conflict from a lifetime of ups and downs.   Holistic Pelvic Care is a method for releasing the unresolved trauma.  By trauma, I mean anything that pulls spirit away from the body…  That can be conflict, shame, guilt, indecision, fear, pain.

Please view Tami’s site to learn more, with her words instead of mine.




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