Post Cesarean Birth

One of the most transformative benefits of the Arvigo Techniques is when performed after a traumatic birth, which is often the case with cesarean births.  Certainly, there are planned cesareans that may not be considered traumatic.  However, it is important to note that anytime anesthesia is needed to dull the body’s senses, there is trauma experienced by the body.  We could view it as  splitting the soul from the body to give the patient the capacity to endure it.

Before I continue, let me explain the wholeheartedly believe that cesareans save lives and are an important part of women’s health medicine.  My complaint lies in the lack of adequate care after the fact.  How to bring the soul back into the torn places … that is my concern.

Many women feel disappointed after surgical birth.  They show contempt for their bodies that seemed to have failed them yet again.  This further separates the mother from her body, which is the source of her intuition required to rear the infant.

How do the Arvigo Techniques heal?

Bodywork moves stagnant energy, allowing unresolved emotions to pass.

Often the undiagnosed reason for the cesarean is brought to the light (for example, most women I treat after cesarean have some past untreated injury to their sacral bone).  This helps to lift the cloud of failure.

The Arvigo Techniques address the excessive build up of scar tissue and help to identify and correct sources of pain left in the wake of the incision.

The Arvigo Tecniques will prepare the mother physically and emotionally for another birth, possibly even VBAC.  I have had several amazing experiences with VBACs in which they gave birth in less than 4 hours.  That is powerful medicine!

Topanga Uterus


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