Scheduling Info

You can call Amanda my assistant at 802-453-2777 and she will set you up with an appointment.

If you would like to do online Scheduling, I have a new online schedule.  This schedule is for both the Burlington and the Bristol clinics.  The Bristol clinic is called Emerald River Spa to honour the beautiful New Have River and swimming places.  There are other practitioners at the Bristol clinic, Matthew Perrello, Rebecca Kodis and Cherrie Namy.  If you want to see Dr. Sarah Wylie in Burlington, VT then you must choose the Burlington option on the schedule.  All other appointments occur in Bristol.

Medicaid patients need a referral from your primary care doctor, call the office at 802-453-2777 for more information.

Before you go to the online scheduler, Determine the date of your last menstrual period.  Next, establish when your next period is expected.  It is ideal to receive deep bodywork neither when you are bleeding nor expecting to bleed within 3 days.  If you are trying to conceive, try to schedule before ovulation.  And if you are pregnant, just book the appointment!  If your menstrual cycle fluctuates, never mind the timing because I modify the treatment to your body and the rhythm you are in.

Rosita Arvigo, Stillmeadows, Advanced Pregnancy Class, Sarah Wylie

Rosita & Sarah