According to a recent survey I heard about on NPR, 1 in 4 families are concerned that the current vaccination schedule is causing the rise in autism.  However, most parents still vaccinate.  This means there are thousands of families who are following the rules, but feel uncertain about them. We always strive for clarity when the stakes are so high.

These are the questions most parents want me to answer for them.

“Why not vaccinate?,

If we quit following the rules, then what? Is it all or nothing?,

Which ones do I give my child?,

How deadly are the diseases?,

Can my child be un-vaccinated and go to school?”

I cannot tell you which vaccines to give your child, even if you book an appointment with me and I review your child’s medical history and family history.  I consider myself a Vaccine Therapist.  When you seek counseling, the therapist usually does not tell you what to do.  The therapist helps you explore your options.  I will show you the resources, but you must take the time to read them.  I will show you alternative vaccine schedules,but you must decide to adhere to them.  I will provide you with resources for caring for your child when they get sick, but you must get up at night with a sick child and nurse them.

My goal is to teach you how to cultivate a healthy immune system for your child.  I will help you make the individual decisions regarding specific vaccines and I will stand behind whatever decision you make – whether you are at the extremes of vaccination, or something in between.  I cannot tell you which vaccines to give your child.  Only you can decide. If you don’t like that kind of responsibility or freedom, then go back to the herd.  Someone there will tell you exactly what to do!

Vaccines are intended to protect the herd, accepting that some children will be harmed in order to prevent diseases that once harmed children.  When you decide to release yourself from herd mentality, where the rules are clearly defined, then you must accept that there are no clear rules that fit everyone.  This is probably why you left the herd in the first place.  That is why I did.  I believe that individuals bear different risks for illness and vaccine injury.  All we can do is weigh out the risks and decide which risks that you as a parent, are willing to assume. There are no guarantees either way, which the parents of children who have been injured by excessive vaccination know all to well.  For me, it is as if we hoped to control nature via vaccination – only to discover that we cannot.  No matter how we play it, we all assume some vulnerability in life.  That is how it comes to be so precious.

But let me be clear, I don’t believe it is so simple as: MMR = autism.  I believe that children today are suffering from total devastation of the immune system that forms in the gut.  Children today suffer from dysbiosis.  That means that the beneficial flora necessary for digestion and a healthy immune system are in short supply in the intestines, while “bad guy” bacteria and yeast are proliferating (giving off toxic by-products).  This is caused by our separation from nature in the birthing room, and at the kitchen table.  Without the symbiotic bacteria, food becomes too difficult to digest, causing the rise in food allergies.  Thus, inflammation rather than nutrition enters the child’s blood supply causing damage to the brain.  Vaccinations, fever suppressors and antibiotics confuse the development of a healthy immune system.  Then, consider the excessive amount of injected aluminum and other toxins from vaccines, along with the thousands of new chemicals in our environment, and you have the perfect storm known as autism, ADHD, Asperger’s, life threatening allergies and asthma, which are all symptoms of the G.A.P.S. syndrome.

This issue is of extreme importance to me, the lost generation will be the peers of my children.  They will have so many important problems to solve.  And if you don’t have children, and you are in your 30’s, remember that these children will become the adults we rely upon in our old age.  Children with neurological problems, who need lifelong care, cannot provide the social security upon which our civilization depends.  We need to solve this problem ASAP.


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