Vitamin D is Our Best Defense

by redblossom on October 7, 2009

While we have sunshine here in the Pacific NW, it is important to expose your skin and soul to it.  We are learning so much everyday about the impact Vitamin D has for the immune system, for cold diseases like cancer, as well as hot diseases like the flu.

For my family, I want to be sure we have enough Vitamin D before we enter November.  Last year, we were sick too often.  This year will be different!

With all the flu PANDEMIC MANIA, it has given me motivation to create a plan.  No live virus, mercury-laced or briefly tested vaccine for me or my family, Thank You Very Much!

First, Vitamin D! More to come on this topic…

So while the sun is shining, get out there and soak in the heat of the sun!

Sunset from Caye Caulker


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