Root down sisters

by redblossom on February 6, 2017

Sun drops at five

Long nights to behold the cosmos, arc of stars move reliably unreliably in the sky-dome.

Too cold to behold for too long

I hurry inside

The cold dry air inside my lungs consolidates my energy from out to in

Deep In – I kneel before the stove hand picking each piece of wood, placing each one into a temple for light.

Strike the match

Let the wood catch light while I offer my breath to the fire once again

Here is winter

All easy breezes disappeared in place of howling Northern Ullr gales

I crouch by my fire and find the light

deep within my rooted bowl

I sit with my ancestors and ask,

What work do you have for me this growing season?

How can I honour your memory, the legacy of our primordial ray of star light?

How can I more clearly cast the line for those yet to come?

As the answers emerge,

I store them like Robins’ eggs

in dried sedges in a wooden box my grandfather made.

I place them next to me by the fire to keep warm until Apollo brings the sun chariot back over Mt Abraham

Sun filled days & warm humid breezes will bring Rolling Thunderheads and rain to water the earth.

And the answer will turn into dreams, and actions that I can faithfully breathe life into

Until they are grown enough to root alone

And the cycle begins a new.


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