Cesarean Rates are High

by redblossom on November 11, 2011

In my clinic this year, we have had a rush of souls gestating and birthing.  It is after all, the year of the Rabbit.  So far seven of us have given birth in 2011.  Of those seven, 2 went on to have uncomplicated homebirths, 1 had an uncomplicated midwife assisted birth clinic birth, 1 had a complicated homebirth (my breech) & 3 had c-sections.  Take note that I work with women who provide natural medicine for the community.

So that is a 43% surgical birth rate, among women who belong to the counter culture of medicine.

Of the c-sections, 2 were first-time mothers (primips) who were carrying breech baby boys.  So that means 3 of us had breech baby boys, 43%.  Outside our clinic, the rate of breech babies that do not turn is 3%.  So what is going on with that?  According to a study cited by chiropractor Caroline Peterson, The higher the education a woman has, and/or the higher her income, the higher the rate of breech presentation.  Interesting.

Well, shortly after my birth I was interviewed by writer Sue Campbell who writes for Metro Parent.  Follow this link to read her article.  See Page 12 “All about Cesareans”. 

In this article, she highlights the discussions many birth professionals are having about how to reduce the skyrocketing rate of cesarean births.  The standard of care at this time is to birth breech babies surgically.  But what if more women were given the opportunity to give birth vaginally to breech babies.  This question is being carefully pondered at OHSU.  Read the article to learn more.

I would like to add the following comment to the article…

On page 18, Sue Campbell writes that I acknowledge my decision may have been different (about homebirthing breech) had I known his position.  To clarify, what I meant was that if I had known he was breech, I may not have been able to have a homebirth due to anticipation and anxiety derailing my process.  As I didn’t know until I was pushing it was much easier to go with the flow.

Any comments?  I’d like to hear them!


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