Joy in the Bowl

by redblossom on February 24, 2010

In Portland, we are very fortunate to have many visionary healers.  One of them, whom I admire is Tami Kent.

gardenia in green ceramic and water with sunlight

On her blog, she wrote:

What do you hold in your bowl? The female body is powerful: what we hold in our center we manifest in our lives. What we hold in our center, we see reflected in the world. When a woman struggles, whether in regards to her relationships, her career, or her own sense of self, she often focuses on her worries or her pain. Her creative energy stagnates. If instead she will ask, “What do I want?” and moves towards this notion, she is more likely to plant seeds of hope that will take shape in her life. Holding joy in the bowl means focusing on desires and intentions rather than fears. While day to day living has its share of struggle, joy in the bowl always inspires the soul.

Check out her site: Wild Feminine Blog


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