Raw Onions… in the fight against pandemic flu!

by redblossom on November 13, 2009

This really wasn’t meant to be a Blog about swine flu, but it is kind of fascinating.  There is a shift in consciousness for us because we feel vulnerable to volatile “markets”, H1N1 virus and floods.  This is a little bit different for those of us who are the children of baby boomers.  It’s like mother nature is setting limits with us bratty kids who’ve been watching TV too long.  It feels different, a little scary, and kind of cool.  It is good to save money instead of consume it, good to take better care of ourselves to prevent illness and good to deal with global warming.  Humility is a virtue.

So here’s the story: My pregnant colleague told me that raw cut onions, placed in dishes about the house can ward off the flu.  Apparently, one can see the virus in the onion when looking at the onion a few days later with a micro-scope. This is cited as prevention for the flu of 1918 by some farmers.

Sounds easy and affordable…  feels like Old World medicine – so I like it. When you feel vulnerable, doing simple rituals for protection feels strengthening.

At the same time, it sounds a little… embellished.

So I decided to google it.   To my delight, of all places I found it here:

Wall Street Journal Health page

While the CDC states  “There is no scientific evidence that any herbal, homeopathic or other folk remedies have any benefit against influenza,” I will suggest cutting up some onions, and placing them in dishes about the house when you feel vulnerable to flu virus.  As you are cutting the onion, think of gratitude for the onion plant, so delicious and such good medicine.  Kind of a grumpy old man medicine, but still, strong and pungent.

Take Care


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Genevieve November 23, 2009 at 1:48 pm

I have not been putting onions around the home…yet… however I have been adding them to most dishes! (soups, salads, sandwiches) Along with garlic and tumeric!

I will absolutely try the Rosemary ritual, I have a nice rosemary plant in the garden, just waiting to be of use!!

Thanks for the great tips

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