Red Blossom Medicine, LLC has moved to the Champlain Valley in Vermont!

by redblossom on September 4, 2012

I have an opportunity to manifest my dream of returning to the Green Mountains.  This dream has kept me from sinking my roots deep into our volcanic soil here in our fair city of Portland, Oregon.  While I have been considering this move for years, a little window opened for me 5 weeks ago, requiring me to take action in an accelerated manner…  I have completed my practice here in Portland in the second week of August.  And I am writing to explain what has happened.  I recognize this process may be unsettling for some of you.  As my practice in Oregon is what has kept me here this long, it is difficult for me to leave my practice, which I love.

I would like to announce who will be following in my footsteps …  She is mighty special and her name is Dr. Kathryn Dusseau Kloos. I am delighted to have found someone I really trust to tend my patients.  She is a Naturopathic Doctor and massage therapist who recently joined Kwan Yin Healing Arts. Dr. Kloos studied botanical medicine at the Naturopathic College in Seattle before going through the doctorate program at NCNM.  She has immersed herself in the study of traditional medicine of the Americas.  This year she has powered through the Arvigo Institute… We met in May when I went to teach the Advanced Class in Fertility and Pre & Post Natal Care.  I was instantly smitten by her compassionate attention and wise manner.  As a result of this time away from Portland, she joined Kwan Yin to enjoy the community of healers and our fantastic support staff.
In searching for my successor, my guiding principle was that she embody a deep therapeutic touch.  The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy are effective because they are deep.  If the practitioner is going deep into the body, she must maintain psychic connection with the patient to avoid harm.  All of this you will find with Dr. Kloos. I adore her, and believe we are cut from the same cloth.
Dr. Kloos works on Saturdays!  She is contracted with most insurance companies.  We are still working out the kinks with Blue Cross.  So please confirm the kinks are out before your appointment.  I will still be available for Skype or phone consultations starting the second week of September.  My rate for this will be $100 per hour.  My email and website will not change, and my contact info will be on the site.

More about me:  I am moving to Champlain Valley Cohousing in Charlotte, Vermont.  This property is in the Champlain Valley, with panoramic views of the Adirondack Mountains of New York over the magnificent Lake Champlain.  I will be living on 125 acres of land of which 116 are Vermont Land Trust.  Nestled between Lake Champlain and Mt Philo, my children will enjoying living in a concentrated neighborhood of 12 families.  There is an organic farm on the property and a gaggle of children to run wild with. What is that phrase? “Many hands make the work lighter”

I will open my practice in conjunction with a group of midwives.  I will be a mere 4 hour drive to enjoy time with my parents, cousins and sibling.  And only a mere 7 hour flight to my family in the United Kingdom.  Best of all, I will sink my roots deep into the soil that nourished me, and bringing the finest natural fertility and pre & post natal care to an underserved region.  It is my intention also, to become an expert in physical medicine for infants.  In this way, my life and energy will be more sustainable. A change I desperately need. I ask your forgiveness and compassion for the sudden departure.  I am doing my best to follow the path the universe has opened for me, as frightening as it is to do so.  Thank you for teaching me to be a better healer, every day.

more updates to follow


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