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by redblossom on June 3, 2012

When my doctor told me I needed a short series of colonics, I wasn’t very happy about it.  Dr Carlotta Watson told me to be optimistic because colonic hydrotherapy is so transformative, and I was feeling stuck losing the last 10 pounds of baby wieght.  It has almost been a year since I gave birth, but a long year of night-time duties, hoisting myself up at the crack of dawn, and showing up at work to focus on the health problems of other mothers and mothers-to-be.

I asked my friend Dr Sara Hart for a referral, remembering she was doing a series of colonics just last year before she lost a heap of weight about her middle.  She directed me to Alec Steury of Chakra 17.

When the dreaded day arrived and I located Alec’s home office, I was greeted by a very bright and present practitioner.  He directed me to the freshly updated and cleverly designed clinic space in his basement.  He asked me if I was nervous, and I nodded.  Without any further ado, he said, “Let’s get going”.  We began with a heartfelt intention to relieve my body of toxic stress.  And over the next hour, I did that!

I had to do a series of 4.  The benefits included feeling motivated to give up eating food that was bad for me (sugar & wheat), decreased bloating, feeling lighter and more clear, improving my energy and at long last… losing a few more pounds! Another surprise… Since I did not have much of an urge to push with either of my babies birthings, it was intensely healing to experience this and push!  So in some ways, it even cleared up some stagnant birthing energy I had been carrying around.

With medicine, it is always best to get a referral from someone you trust.  I think this is especially true for colonics.  Alec’s personality and compassionate approach are a perfect match for such a potentially awkward treatment.  In addition, he uses acupressure and meridian theories to improve the outcomes for his patients, stating he gets better results with less force.  That’s awesome!  His system uses no pump nor electricity.  Just good old gravity and filtered water.

My first teacher of natural medicine was Susun Weed, who is vocally opposed to colonics.  But I have always said there is a time and place for everything.  So I went with an open mind.  I am so glad I did because I have learned so much.  I feel I understand the large intestine in a whole new way… and now I am making referrals to Alec.  So go check it out…  Chakra 17 West comes highly recommended from me! And if I palpate your intestines in the clinic, you may find that I direct you to utilize this modality, too.


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