I’m on Maternity Leave!

by redblossom on May 6, 2011



The baby isn’t born yet!  I am due in the beginning of July.  I had my daughter Ruby over 4 weeks early in 2006.  Since I had to have a surgery (1st generation LEEP) on my cervix in my 20’s to treat Cervical Dysplasia, my cervix has sustained an injury to her ability to hold a heavier baby in.  I am honouring my uterus by taking the space to be able to lie down as much as possible in my 8th month.  My brain and heart struggle with leaving my practice early.  But my womb knows what modifications I need to make to assist her in gestating a fully ready baby.  This time, I am listening…

Is there some modification that your womb is asking you to make?



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